Producator TUBULATURĂ VENTILAȚIE din Braşov cu o capacitate de până la 25,000 de mp/lună


KronVent factory

The story of the KRONVENT factory began in 2015, when clean air in indoor spaces became a necessity for establishing a pleasant and comfortable environment. This fact led us to come up with ingenious solutions to change the climate inside large-scale buildings and to bring immediate benefits to customers in Romania.

Production of ventilation ducts

The main field of our activity is the production of ventilation ducts from galvanized steel, both circular and rectangular. Through the experience gained in years of activity, which has generated an impressive portfolio of customers, the KRONVENT factory has a diversified range of products and services, aimed to satisfy increasingly challenging requirements.

Our mission is, by using our ventilation systems produced with the most advanced technology in the field, to constantly improve the quality of breathing air inside any large space.

KRONVENT’s production capacity is 25,000 sqm/month

Our factory is strategically located in the center of Romania, in Brașov, from where we can maintain an efficient connection with each beneficiary of KRONVENT products and services. Our production is based on high-quality raw materials, and the production lines have an extraordinary capacity of up to 25,000 sqm/month.

The last-generation high-performance machines of the leading companies in the field of ventilation systems, SPIRO and FIRMAC, provide us with a productive working environment, and the quality of our results is guaranteed both by the resources we use and by our production staff.

We are proud of a team of professionals, who through their dedication and professionalism have earned their admiration in our company. Their promptness, perseverance and craftsmanship are just a few basic characteristics through which our factory has managed to add value in the field of ventilation systems to the Romanian market.

Although we are a young company, the professional experience accumulated by KRONVENT factory specialists in HVAC ventilation systems has allowed us to earn an impressive portfolio of large-scale projects that have brought significant changes in the quality of indoor air.

The efforts of the KRONVENT factory are focused on understanding the needs of our customers as well as possible, in order to be sure that we offer the most effective technical and practical solutions for ventilation systems adapted to the projects we carry out.

Certified ventilation systems by KRONVENT

Because we respect the quality most, KRONVENT circular ventilation systems are certified by SPIRO®systems and correspond to class D tightness standards, according to SR EN 12237.

In the case of the rectangular ventilation systems, produced on the FIRMAC production lines, it is equipped with an integrated flange, a fact that makes the ventilation system more efficient both in terms of tightness, durability and ease of installation.

Through our certifications, SR EN ISO 9001, SR EN ISO 14001 and SR OHSAS 18001, we prove the continuous concern of the KRONVERT company for guaranteeing the quality of products, not affecting the environment and ensuring, at the same time, the health and safety of our work.

These are just some of defining points, which represent our way of working.

The KRONVENT factory offers the freshness of clean air in your space!


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Avantaje Kronvent


Capacitatea de producție este de 25.000 mp/lună, aceasta fiind asigurată de liniile de producție automatizate și de experiența operatorilor.

În stocul fabricii KRONVENT se regăsesc produse de tubulatură circulară „SPIRO”, cu diametrul standard de la 100 până la 500.

Poziționarea este avantajoasă din punct de vedere logistic, fabrica fiind plasată strategic în centrul țării (Brașov).

Datorită capacității de producție a fabricii KRONVENT, tubulatura rectangulară destinată proiectelor de mare amploare este livrată beneficiarului într-un timp scurt.